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Inspired by the sacred mountain of St. Catherine in Sinai Egypt, known for its rare, curing, and virgin herbs that treat many diseases, two friends came up with the idea of delivering nature’s gift to the whole world. Consequently, came the partnership with SEKEM, a German Egyptian company that specializes in biodynamic herbs and products, whose cultivation method depends on fertilizers by farm animals from within and many other conditions to obtain the internationally approved Demeter certificate.  This is considered the new generation of organic where the food is safer and not genetically modified


 we are bringing Biodynamic products (Demeter) which are considered high-standard of organic products to the Canadian Market. These products are currently not widely available in Canada. We know how much Canadian consumers appreciate all organic goods and believe that our products will fulfill consumer needs in the fast-growing organic world.




SEKEM Holding – The Umbrella for the Companies.
SEKEM was founded in 1977.
with the idea of sustainable development and giving back to the community.

Sustainable development towards a future where every human being can unfold his or her individual potential, where mankind is living together in social forms reflecting human dignity; and where all economic activity is conducted in accordance with ecological and ethical principles.

SEKEM Holding is closely cooperating with international institutions, such as the Deutsche Entwicklungsgesellschaft GmbH (DEG), or the International Finance Corporation (IFC).

Since May 2007, the German GLS Gemeinschaftsbank AG, the Dutch Triodos Ventures BV, and since 2011, Oikocredit Ecumenical Development Cooperative are shareholders of the SEKEM Holding and support the finance department for future investments.

SEKEM is specializing in Herbal Tea and other Demeter products the new generation of organic products.
SEKEM established several specialized companies to ensure the production and marketing of its products. The umbrella organization for SEKEM independent firms, SEKEM Holding, was established in order to supervise, evaluate, and support all subsidiary ventures, and to enable it to act as an investor and lender to them.

SEKEM Holding is a large multinational conglomerate operating in the organic food, natural health care, and textile industries since 1977. SEKEM already exports its products to many European countries especially Germany, Netherlands, Swiss, Russia, Gulf countries, the USA, and others.  SEKEM’s products have met the requirements of different certifications in the US and Europe such as USDA organic among others. SEKEM follows a strict Biodynamic guideline (DEMETER) which applies a holistic understanding of life processes, hence they are not using any types of chemicals, pesticides, or preservatives. Our products have the following logos certifications: Usda organic, Demeter certified Biodynamic, EG-Bio-140 (European Union) Non-GMO, Kosher, and Halal, in addition, all information printed on the packages will be in French and English languages.


Economy of Love

Initiated by an organic farmer’s association called the Egyptian Biodynamic Association (EBDA), Economy of Love is a certification standard for products that are sustainable, ethical, and transparent throughout the supply chain. Economy of Love is also a community of companies, farms, and consumers who believe that through a transparent economic system, responsible consumers and producers can actively protect nature and ensure that every person across the supply chain is fairly compensated and protected from exploitation.

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The Biodynamic Federation Demeter International is the worldwide movement of biodynamic agriculture embracing a holistic, ecological, and ethical approach of farming. It is the only agricultural association that has built up a network of certification bodies for biodynamic farmers worldwide, which certify for the Demeter brand.

Biodynamics creates farm fertility from the farm’s resources, whereas organics can buy fertility. Demeter farmers are working with about 230,000 hectares of land in 65 countries, Demeter certification is used to verify that biodynamic products meet international standards in production and processing. It is the first ecological label for organically produced foods. Its name references Demeter, the Greek goddess of grain and fertility.

Biodynamics creates farm fertility from the farm’s resources, whereas organics can buy fertility.

Biodynamic is a form of farming that involve the use of manures and composts without synthetic or artificial fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides on soil and plants. Organic is a system of farming to produce high-quality food without the use of artificial fertilizers.

Biodynamics uses traditional farming techniques and a prescribed list of biological or natural “preparations”, whilst acknowledging and working with universal or cosmic forces that are at play in the farming environment

" Soil is the
basics of
our food "

Demeter ( Biodynamic )

The Biodynamic Federation Demeter International is the worldwide movement of biodynamic agriculture embracing a holistic, ecological, and ethical approach of farming. Demeter-certified biodynamics is enhanced biological farming that involves the use of manures and composts instead of artificial fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides and produces organic food highly regarded by farmers and consumers for its quality. Demeter farmers use unique soil, plant and compost preparations that, when practiced successfully, create a humus-rich, well-structured soil ideal for the growth of healthy vibrant plants. Demeter-certified products are verified biodynamic products that meet international standards in production and processing.